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The Fundamentals of The Human Condition


     This is a collaboration to help others understand the Human animal better. We are describing what motivates Humans, and how they respond to each other and the World. While reading this, you will probably become angry, get mad, and scream "Why do you have such crazy ideas!!!" Or you will think "I have felt this way all along." or "Some things are right on, and others are pure fiction."  You may feel that "I just really need to give these guys a piece of my mind, and they will change how they think." It is OK to have these feelings.

     Understanding the human condition will help everyone to better understand themselves, and how others think.  Knowing why we feel things will help us understand why others feel the way they do. When people understand the human condition, which is a basic genetic drive built into all of us: the clearer they will understand how your brain works, the easier it will be for you to achieve your goals, and you will more effectively enrich the lives of others around you. Knowing why we feel things and how emotions work in ourselves and others, we become a tight-knit community. This community will be more productive and peaceful.

     If you want to build an internal combustion engine, you will need to understand physics, chemistry, and metallurgy to be successful. If you wish to put a rocket into space and visit the space station, you will need to understand physics, chemistry, calculus, and how to build the rocket. If you wish to be a farmer, you will need to understand soil, plants, weather, drainage, and how to fix your tractor.  If you don’t understand any of these well, you will likely fail in your endeavor... Unless you hire people who understand these basics to help you.

     No matter what you do: live, work, play, love, procreate, or conduct business, it requires that you interact with other people. Let's say a car mechanic understands cars very well. If he does not understand people, his business will falter. A cook must understand what kinds of food people like and why, or they will not attain their goal. They will also need others to eat this food, or it will just be thrown away with no enjoyment.

As you read this book you will get PISSED... You will get ANGRY! You will disagree.

     When you sheep1wake someone up to go to work or school they can become quite upset. They were in a beautiful dream world where everything was beautiful and everything happened at their wish and desire. Now some people may be having a nightmare, and when waking up they will be quite frightened, and think that the present reality is part of their fears or nightmare. Relax, it will all be OK. You may realize you are being woken up to go to a theme park, or to go on a date with your dream person... or you may say this is a pile of shit, and roll over and go back to sleep.

     When a farmer wants to stop coyotes from eating his sheep, he will set up traps that clamp on an unsuspecting coyote's leg.  If caught in one of these traps, a coyote will chew off its own leg to save itself from being killed by the farmer's shotgun. Likewise, imagine that you went out on a real bender. The next morning you wake up. You find that your one-night-stand is so ugly that you will chew your arm off to avoid waking it (the ugly one-night stand or the ugly ideas that you slept with for many years) up, having to deal with the ugliness... afraid it may want to go with you or ask for another date! …This is called Coyote Ugly.

     When reading through this book, you may find that some of the ideas that have been near and dear to your heart for years, like a coyote's leg, was to the coyote or your arm is to you, that the connection needs to be removed. You will have to chew off any remaining connection to these archaic and outdated ideas. It may be painful, but you will walk away with a life reinvented.

     However you react, you can learn some basic ways that humans think and act. We stand on the Shoulders of Giants and have learned from the best thinkers in the world about a variety of human traits and responses... Major Anthropologists, Geneticists, Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, and Psychologists... As well as from a Humorologist. Any person who knows comedy understands how people think.

     We have personally interviewed over 100,000 people over a 60-year time period. We asked them questions about their beliefs and feelings about the world because we wished to understand the world better. We have read over 50,000 books from Fiction (where we learned many facts), to Science Books and Documentaries  (Don't worry this did not too much of our time).  As influential Gurus, we have pointed the way to many people over the years, and we are happy that you have joined us.

As children, our parents told us that there wasn't enough money, food, housing, or time to go around for everyone. Driving around the country as young children, we noticed vast stretches of empty land, millions upon millions of acres with nothing. When forced to eat food that was disgusting to us, our parents told us that there were starving children in China that would appreciate this food. Whereupon we told them "let's mail it to them!"  We noticed that our friends that had gardens, had to be avoided because they would try to give us free food… especially cucumbers and zucchini! The vast abundance that we noticed in the world did not fit with the whining and complaining of parents and teachers in our lives.  

Realizing the stupidity and waste of wars that accomplished nothing, we searched to find the root cause of these conflicts. We struggled to understand why teachers and children felt the need to become bullies in school (mental and physical bullies). The only thing that we came up with was the need that one individual to be superior to others. The Principle of Scarcity did not make any sense, while The Principle of Plenty made total sense as we were wallowing in abundant food, shelter, and education.

We also have struggled to understand other people, and why they do things that may seem insane to an outsider, but totally logical to those in their tribe. We are not here to promote or diminish any Religion, Political Belief, Conspiracy Theory, Tribe, or any other Long-Held Belief. We wrote this to help people to better understand themselves and to have more empathy for others' beliefs and actions. We also wrote this to enable people to see the abundance in the world is available for all. There is no need to keep people in boxes and keep things from them.

When you understand the core functions of a Human Being, in whatever direction you wish to go, you will be more successful. If you don't know abundance, you do not understand the world. If you do not know people, you do know the business. If you do not know people, you do not understand religion. If you do not know people, you do not know politics.

We will start with one of the most basic precepts of The Human Condition that we all have. If we understand the Need to Succeed and The Need to Become the Best, this will explain the reactions that humans have, and also the solution to living in a Better, Happier, More Affluent, and more Productive world.

Even when we are talking about How Money Works, (most people think Money is an object, it is really a figment of your imagination), this is just a part of The Human Condition. If you feel that you don't have enough money, then you do not understand The Human Condition. If you are having problems in your business, then you do not understand The Human Condition. If you do not understand The Human Condition, you will not understand politics. If you are having problems with your relationships, then you do not understand The Human Condition.

It is OK to email us, yell at us, tell us you love us, tell us you hate us, or whatever else you feel.. it will all be OK...You can email us and let us know if our facts are wrong. Please just don't say they are wrong, give us a list of reasons. If in your research you find out we were right, then you have learned something new. Please let us know if we were correct. If in your research, you find out we were wrong, please let us know, then we will learn something new! We are just waking you up to play…. as loving parents, we will put up with your abuse and appreciate your love.. You Are Great and Wonderful! We really do love you. Now let's go inside the book and play and have some fun!

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