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How Money Works

In the Human Condition, humans use money to be better than other humans. In the Devil State, humans use money to put other humans down to make themselves feel better. This is when you steal from others, or when you don't share when you have plenty. The second way humans can be better than others is in the Human State we work hard to lift ourselves up. This is when we work long hours to increase our paycheck or aim for the job that pays lots of money, and do the extra reading to win a commission. In the God State, we use the money to lift others up.  When we provide jobs with adequate pay, provide education, healthcare, and opportunities for advancement to others we enter into The God State. In what state of The Human Condition would you like to invest your money?

In the Devil State, people use money to put others down. They say things like "I have more than you, so I am better than you. I have a nicer home, nicer house, better food, so I have a higher social standing." In The Devil State, you can make it quite difficult for others to get more. There are so many hours to work hard or smart in the world. You can make sure that others have less: you will build fences to keep others from resources, you will hire armed guards to keep others away, and you will control media sources and gossip about the "Lazy People" who are not earning their keep. Since the resources are locked up and these people are kept away from education, the only way for them to get basic food and shelter is to line up and become slaves to those who "Own" the resources.

In the Human State, a person will work very hard, save or invest their money. They will go to colleges and universities and get a piece of paper that they hang on the wall so others can see the superiority they have. They will get a mortgage (mort...Latin for death, measure) which figures out how much longer they have to live and then loan them the money to buy a house. When they pay off the mortgage they will then be dead. The banks figure out how much useful time you have left and then give you a loan that lasts this long. Then you become a slave for the rest of your life.  

In the God State, you give to charities that are helping others. You work on Habitat for Humanity so poor people can have a place to live. You live in a house that is "less" than you can afford. You drive a car that is not the latest or greatest even though you could afford the best. You understand that the better of others are the happier and more abundant your life will be. This is why many after working so hard to acquire things realize all of this stuff means very little to them. They then give their money to charities and to help the poor and underprivileged.

Deli happiness

All three parts of the Human Condition you will find in every monetary transaction between humans.  

The Velocity of Money

Money, Money, Money. Humans are obsessed with it! Whether they want more or are trying to avoid the need for greed. What is this “thing” that dominates the minds of so many?  What value does this have? What power over us does it have? How does it work?  Do we need more of it? Is it an object to be obtained or is it a figment of your imagination?  

Whatever you want in life, you will need to give away...

If you want more love, kindness, and respect, what would you give away? Logically you would give away love, kindness, and respect. If you decided you wanted more hate, disgust, and anger, what would you give away? ...You would give away more hate, disgust, and anger. If you want more knowledge what would you give away? You would give away knowledge. This is why teachers always learn more than students. If you wish to learn something, start teaching it.

If you want money, give away money. Who earns more money, employees or employers? ...Employers always earn more money because they are spending more money. They have to pay all the bills and paychecks for everyone.

People expect that if they give away something, they will get another thing in return. This does not work well.  They try to give love and expect the money back. This does not work well.  Or they give money, and try to get love back... this is very inefficient.

Giving away information does not convince others.. It only gives you more information. If you want to convince others you will need to listen to them and understand their side of the issue. When you have gained their confidence they will be open to listening to you.

If you want more energy. What would you give away? If one person sits on a couch all day and consumes a lot of high-energy food.  Another person exercises all day and eats very little food. Who will have the most energy? The one giving away and taking in little..  "The love that you give becomes the love that you get." -S. Cheese


Here is a simple example.

Take a group of 10 people. They have one dollar bill among them. They pass this bill from one to the other, once every hour. The dollar bill travels in one direction, goods and services are passed in the other direction… a lesson, a smile, perhaps a book, an old video game, a hug and a kiss…

When you bring your paycheck home and give it to your significant other, what do you get in return? ...a hug and a kiss. If the dollar bill goes around once per hour, how much will they be making? dollar per hour.  If they pass the dollar bill ten times per hour…. $10 per hour. Passing the bill one hundred times per hour…. each will be making $100 per hour.  All of this with only one dollar bill in the room.  The only thing that has changed is how fast they move the dollar bill from one person to the other.  This is called The Velocity of Money.

Now you may say “But they do not keep the money? How can they be earning anything?”  ...And what happens to you every week after you get paid? Likely you get $500, then you turn around, and give this to someone else. They, in turn, give this to the next person in line. You pay bills, buy things, or perhaps invest it. The next week you get $500 again... Same money, just moving from one person to another... you do not keep the money.

There is only about $500 cash for every person in the US... if this is not circulating, then everyone is worse off.

The faster money moves through the economy, the healthier the economy is. The speed at that money goes through an economy is called the Velocity of Money.  Economists can tell how healthy an economy is by measuring the Velocity of Money. The same principle works like blood in a body. If it is not circulating then the body is dead.  If blood isn't moving fast enough, then you are weak and sickly. It can also move too quickly, then it will not have time to affect the cells that it is next to. This is like air in your lungs. If the air is not circulating in and out, then you may have lungs full of air, but you will be dead. Just like everything in life... you keep nothing, you just rent it for a while.  If one person gets nervous, thinking the money may not come back to him, and puts this bill in his pocket... what happens? The game will be over because there is no money moving.

The job of the tax man is to come over to the person with the bill in their pocket and put it back into circulation.   

This is what happens when The Market crashes. People start to get worried about The Market and think that the stocks are over-rated, or they will not get back their stock. Then they pull all the money they can out of the system, and put it in their basement, or invest in Gold. This makes the Velocity of Money slow down. This creates further panic and fear that drives the same thing over and over again. Now you have a sick economy.

The Mars Rover cost 1.8 billion dollars. Where did that money go? Did it end up on Mars? Was it burned for propulsion of the rocket to get all the way to our neighboring red planet? ...The money stayed here on earth and went into the pockets of scientists, security guards, and housekeepers of the labs where the rover was created. Those people went home and gave that money to their significant other; they then received a hug and a kiss; the workers kept a little of the money for lunch at work, and then returned to work the next week after cheering the kids at the soccer game over the weekend. The money stayed on earth it didn't go to Mars.

They build an airplane worth $20 billion. Is the airplane full of cash? ...No, this was given to the people that built the airplane, which gave it to stores to buy groceries, pay bills, and take the kids out to the movies. The people that worked at the stores and the theaters passed that money on to other people. When this money went through a million peoples' hands, the government had at least another $200 billion to spend on a bigger airplane!

What about drug dealers, prostitutes, and students that go to school and do not do anything but spend all of their loan money on parties, beer, the opposite sex, and drugs... Where does that money go? It's the same story. They spend their money and it goes right back into the economy! Carefully measuring the health of an economy i.e. The Velocity of Money, these are a good thing because goods and services are passed around, and when this is happening in an equitable way, everyone gets to eat!

The reason the government gives out Food Stamps and Welfare is to stimulate The Velocity of Money.

So how do you increase the velocity of money? If there were ten one-dollar bills, then it would be less dependent on just that one bill moving. If each person was given 10 one-dollar bills, then the game would go even quicker. The GDP (Gross Domestic Product)  is the number of goods purchased during a year. The more money people spend, the higher the GDP. So when wages are low, the GDP rises slower. When wages are higher, the GDP will increase at a higher rate.

If you could double the velocity of money through the economy the National Debt would be paid off in 10 years.. If you tripled the velocity of money then it would be paid off in two years.  Now you say how could this happen?

If we have a federal income of 4 trillion dollars with a budget of 3 trillion dollars. This leaves 1 trillion dollars to pay off the interest and balance of the debt. Doubling The Velocity of Money would bring in eight trillion dollars (2 x 4 trillion dollars), minus the three trillion dollars budget... will leave a balance of 5 trillion dollars to pay off the debt. Tripling The Velocity of Money would leave a balance of 9 trillion dollars to pay off the debt.   

It costs about .60 cents to print a dollar bill. How can they afford to do this? Each dollar bill goes through one million peoples' hands until it is destroyed and a new one printed. If each hand it touches pays about 10 cents in taxes then this bill has created 100,000 dollars of value to the government.

Money is a Figment of your Imagination

Money is merely a figment of your imagination. When the economy crashed in 2008 where did George Bush Jr. get the $800 billion come from? When being interviewed he said I made this number up. It seems like a large amount of money. How did he give this to the Banks? He wrote this on a piece of paper and said here it is. Kind of like you write a check. How did the banks pay Obama back? They wrote on a piece of paper "here is your money back". When the Republicans were holding back on increasing the debt limit, and threatening to shut the government down, what was Obama going to do? Obama was going to mint a trillion-dollar coin. This would then give them money to pay bills. One coin..One Trillion Dollars! Just Imagine!

The reason they did this is to alleviate the fear that was slowing down the velocity of money through the system. Then for a few years, the Federal Reserve System put 85 billion dollars into the banking system every month in order to alleviate the fears people were having.

Imagine you are on a cruise ship. The ship sinks at sea and you are the only survivor.  You swim to a desert island. The next morning you wake up and look around for things you can live on. The waves have washed up on the shore a suitcase from the wreck. Excitedly you open it up hoping for food or things you can use for your survival. Inside you find $10,000,000 in US currency. What value does this money have for you? Toilet paper? Firestarter? Crumpled it up and maybe make a mattress.... very little value.

Now let's say this suitcase has something of "Real Value". I keep hearing money needs to be backed by gold. So there is $10,000,000 worth of gold. Of what value is this to you? Probably even less.

I had a friend that was very ambitious. He kept wishing that everything he touched would turn to Gold. A Kindly Fairy took pity on him and appeared to him one day. She told him that from now on everything he touched would turn to gold. He was ecstatic!  As he ran around the room everything he touched would turn to gold. The chair, the table, the door, and everything else. After a while, he grew hungry and picked up an apple. It turned to gold. Every piece of food he touched would turn to gold. He picked up a glass of water, it turned to gold. His beloved daughter ran into the room and threw her arms around him. She instantly turned into a gold statue. As he lay sobbing, hungry, thirsty, and lonely, he realized that gold was not the most valuable thing in the world.

The next time someone is trying to tell you gold is the only secure thing... Remember they want to trade their Gold for your Money..

Now let's go back to the island. After about a week you get bored and go exploring. You notice a bluff extending out to the ocean on the island. You are able to get past this bluff. Suddenly you come upon a city with one million people. Now, what value do the 10 million dollars have? Quite a bit. What has changed? The money is still the same. The suitcase is still the same. You are the same… but now you are surrounded by other people. Money only has value when you have other people to give it to. It is like love, you can be full of love, but if you have no one to give it to, it has less value.

The reason the government takes taxes out of your check is to give you the impression that money has value. You see the deductions that are taken out of your check every week and you become angry because the government has taken something that "belongs to you".  Your employer already takes an additional 30% out of your check which is paid in taxes to government programs and insurance policies. You never see this, so you never miss it. If they really needed your money and didn't want to offend you, instead of getting a $1000 check with only a $700 take-home,  they would just give you a $700 check… and you would never see the $600 dollars the government took from you.  You would have no sense of loss.

Imagine a dog sitting next to a stick, ignoring it completely. You reach down and grab this stick and run away from the dog. The stick has taken on a high value for the dog as he will try to chase you and take it from you. Before this, the dog had no interest in the stick. Only when you try to take it from him, did it acquire value.

Now imagine a child surrounded by six different toys. He is totally bored, you reach down and grab one of the toys, and take it to the other side of the room. You now have his total attention and he starts crying because you have taken something from him.

You have a garage full of crap that you have not used in years. You are too lazy or preoccupied to clean it up and make a run to the dump. One day you wake up and notice that someone has broken into the garage and taken your things. You become very angry and feel a great sense of loss. How could anyone do this to you? …yet you haven't touched any of the objects in the garage for decades. Now that someone else has taken them from you, it has escalated their value. Humans always want what others take from them.

Your girlfriend has just dumped you. She told you that she wants to "just be friends." You say that you understand… no problem. So you don't call or talk to her for a month. She finds out that you had lunch with a very beautiful woman. None of your friends would be upset over this. She is livid. Very upset. She calls you and says "Who is that person that you went out with?!?!" She still does not like you, but she is upset because she feels that another woman has taken something from her. You had no value until someone else wanted you.

The reason why the government taxes you is that it wants you to think that the money that you are working for, slaving for, trading your time for, sacrificing your family for… has true value.  Abraham Lincoln was able to pay for the entire Civil War by printing Greenback Dollars. Of course, the bankers became upset with him. As we all know he died soon after. After this event, all presidents have been protected by The Secret Service. The original purpose of The Secret Service was to protect our money supply… and it still is.  Then Kennedy was going to five dollar silver certificates, and he died within months after this plan as he was being protected by The Secret Service.

Money is a figment of your imagination. It is just a token that we pass from one person to the other that shows how much we appreciate their service or existence. When your grandkids have a birthday, you may send them a twenty or one-hundred-dollar bill to let them know how much you appreciate and love them. When you buy food from a farmer, you give him bills (money) to let him know how much you appreciate his hard work and effort. When you go to work and produce things for your employer, he again gives you tokens of his appreciation for your hard work and effort (money).

All of these activities could take place without money, but as part of The Human Condition, we are always constantly worried that one person isn't carrying their full load. We need to see tokens or certificates that they possess so that we are assured that they are acting with full responsibility. We do not have time to observe them 24/7, so when we see tokens or certificates, we feel assured that they are doing their share.

I can see that most do not understand how money works.
The first example is a closed-loop system. A closed loop system is like an air-tight room and you are locked inside by a serial killer who is holding you for ransom... every day you are given an air bottle with oxygen so you can breathe. When this runs out you will die. You only get one bottle every 24 hours. You must be conservative with your breathing until the next bottle. Compare this to an Open Loop System. This is like a person running in the woods that does not worry about oxygen. When the runner breathes out carbon dioxide, the plants respire the carbon dioxide back to oxygen.  It is impossible to run out of oxygen. The more you consume, the more there is.  


A home economy is more like a closed-loop system. Only so much money comes in every week. If you spend more than you take die financially. You must become conservative with your spending to make it until the next week.  If you do not, eventually you will go bankrupt, and be kicked out of your box.  
A government is like an open-loop system. You do not need to worry about spending money because the more you spend it is consumed by the consumers and you receive more back. Just as running in the woods you do not need to worry about more oxygen coming back to you as there is an unlimited supply. In a worldwide economy, there is an unlimited amount of money and the more they spend, the more there is.  You cannot compare government debt to household debt. These two scenarios do not match.

There are city governments, state governments .. country governments.. world governments... The larger the government, the more it is like an open loop system… If you put a huge coal-fired plant in the middle of the forest that puts out more carbon than the forest could clean for you, eventually you will destroy the forest. One large coal-fired plant is not going to overwhelm all of the forests of the world. As with too many coal-fired plants, it can be overwhelming for the people if the governments were to spend more than the population can absorb. If you gave every person $100,000 per year, this would not imbalance the economy.  If you gave every person one trillion dollars all of a sudden then this would confuse the world economy.  People’s imaginations are not yet ready for this kind of surge of money. As with carbon, water, and oxygen...Money is not created, it is circulated. The only way a government could create more water would be to bring an ice asteroid into the ocean so there is a large amount of water on the planet. This would raise the sea level and create havoc for those living next to the ocean.

Imagine that you are kept in a sterile glass box. The only thing that you are given every 24 hours is a glass of water. In that 24 hours, you pee on the floor, and the person in the box thinks 'oh my god there is not enough water in the world!' There seem to be lots of urine. Now take the person out of the box and put them in a forest. Give them a glass of water every 24 hours. One glass every 24 hours is not really enough water. This person pees on the ground, then they notice that 100 yards away there is a river. They take their glass run over to the river and drink to their heart's content. This person then trips and falls in the water and thinks to himself "There is way too much water in the world." There is plenty of water. It depends if you are in the box, next to the river, or in the river.  

So the larger the system, the more it can absorb changes. When scientists built Biosphere 2, it was not able to sustain eight people because it was a closed-loop system.  This was on half an acre per person. The reason the experiment did not succeed was that they got on each other’s nerves.  There is more to life than food, oxygen, water, and a cozy temperature. We need interaction with a wide variety of people, and we need to be able to get away from some of them on occasion. We also need to spend more time with ones of our choosing on some occasions. The larger the system is, the easier it is to do this.

Our planet can sustain over 10 billion people easily, as it is more of an open-loop system. Our universe can sustain an infinite amount of people. There is no shortage of resources. There is no shortage of land. There is no shortage of air. There is no shortage of verses. Some people live in a multiverse. What is a verse? ...A verse is a paragraph ...A complete thought. A universe is one thought, one paragraph to explain everything. A multiverse is many thoughts… many paragraphs to explain everything. Are you stuck in a box? The only way that we will know if you are living or dead is to open up the box.

Should you be more conservative or more liberal? If we are conservative then we keep resources to ourselves. If we are liberal then we use our resources which will be passed on to others. Just like the money that we receive every week functions best when we give it to others. They in turn pass it on to even more people. This money eventually comes back to us and is recirculated. If you are living in a closed loop you need to be more conservative. If you are living in an open loop system you need to be more liberal.  

You cannot compare a family’s spending habits with the spending habits of a large government or corporation. When NASA spends money on space exploration, the money does not go into outer space. This money is paid to employees and subcontractors who then pay rent buy houses, buy cars, buy food, send their kids to school, and other normal living expenses. This money then recirculates into the economy and comes back to NASA so that they can spend more money on space exploration. The Lizard Brain dealing with fear and scarcity does not understand social interaction. The Lizard Brain confuses an open loop economy with its own small world view of its micro-economy. A lizard is usually only aware of a few hundred square feet of territory. It is not aware of a volcano called Krakatoa on the other side of the world. Fearmongers will go on cable news channels and broadcast fear and scarcity. Are you living in an open loop or a closed loop system?


But recently I heard about a problem that our country is going through. 30,000 children came into the country to escape wars, poverty, and death threats. I keep hearing that we don't have enough funds to take care of these children. The reminds me of another incident in the past…

In 1947 three million children showed up in the United States. They had no ability to take care of themselves; they were uneducated; couldn't speak English; needed housing; 24/7 care; and needed someone to change their diapers. What happened to the economy in 1947? Also, the national debt in 1947 adjusted for inflation was 24 trillion dollars. And also the tax rate for the ultra-wealthy was 90%.

What was the condition of the economy from 1947 to 1983? This was the period ruled and dominated by the baby boomers. This generation was the most prosperous, well-educated, and influential group of people ever in the world. Schools were built, teachers were hired, homes were built, and construction workers were hired. The economy was fantastic: plenty of jobs, plenty of money for schools and libraries, charities were well funded, and the velocity of money was moving at a high rate.

The more things that need to be taken care of, the more money circulates. The more money that circulates, the more money everyone else has.  Wealthy people put their money in their basement in a vault. Poor people will spend their money instantly. This is why ultra-wealthy people slow down the economy when they have the money. Poor people will speed up the economy when they have money.

When you save money you either put it in a box in your house, you put it in a bank, or you buy government bonds. If you put it in a box in your house, it destroys the velocity of money. You could always buy gold with it, which would be the same thing as putting it in a box in your house because gold is not circulating. If you put it in a bank, then the bank can loan out $100 for every dollar that you put in. A bank will also charge interest on the money that they loan to others. Both of these actions loans and interest can create inflation. If you buy government bonds, they are normally used for war where homes, houses, and people are destroyed. This also causes inflation and is a horrible waste of energy and time.

Inflation is accelerated mostly by greedy people. A senator was interviewing some restaurant owners on increasing the minimum wage by a third (increasing wages from $7.50 to $12.00 per hour). At McDonald's, a seven-dollar Big Mac Meal would increase by 7 cents. One of the restaurant owners spoke up and said "but my meals at my restaurant cost $15!" The senator then said, "Then you would have to raise your meal by 15 cents." The restaurant owner responded, "If I have to charge 15 cents more, then I will charge $5 more."  There was no need for them to charge $5 more, except for The Human Condition. The owner wanted to feel superior to the employees. He could have just charged 25 cents more and still have a profit. The inflation to pay people almost double their wages would have been one percent… a very low inflation rate. If they kept it up every year to keep up with the cost of living, this would only add .01% inflation to the economy.

It is only greed and avarice that are causing inflation. If you were to give each person a million-dollar income every year, this would upset the economy. As the economy would not be able to handle the increase. A million dollar income is a 2000% increase and this would create chaos. The reason it would is that everyone's imagination would not be able to deal with the change. An example, if you were able to give 20 times the food per day, their health would go downhill. Another example is when you have starving children in a country, you cannot walk in and give them tons of food instantly. You have to gradually increase the food intake so that their bodies can handle it.

Currently, 50% of everything that we eat and consume, wear, drive, and live in is made by robots. Within 20 years 100% of everything will be made by robots. Even robots will be made by robots. So what will humans do? How will they earn money? There will be no jobs! There will be no way to earn a paycheck! So how will humans have money to buy things? There will be an abundance as there will be an endless supply of food, housing, and transportation available. There will be no need to work for money. You will only have to understand The Human Condition.

Wealth Inequality

A good income is when you earn 10% more than your wife's sister's husband.

There is plenty of money to go around.

If you criticize the poor and you do not live in poverty, you are a snob.

A group of friends is visiting. They put all the kids in one room with toys to play, with so the adults can visit in peace… After a while, an adult hears screaming and fighting.  The adult enters the room and one child has taken all the toys.  What would the wise or responsible adult do? You got it, they redistribute the toys…. but who put the toys in the room?
In economies, there are special people who oversee the game. When one person hoards the money, the tax collector takes the money from the hoarder's pocket, and puts it back into circulation. The person that redistributes wealth is called the taxman. If tax collectors take from the poor, those who are empathetic with the poor call them corrupt. If the tax collectors take from the rich, it is in vogue for them to be removed from office. During World War II the USA taxed income over $300k (today’s equivalent… 5 million) ninety-ninety-five percent. Everybody had plenty of money then because everyone had a job. Employers were looking for new employees because they had plenty of work to do.  As there were very few people looking for work they had to offer them more money to get them to go to work.  
This did two things. The first was that there were incentives for people to invest money back into their companies, which kept the velocity of money in the community high.  The second thing that it did was to provide substantial revenue for lawmakers to work with to pay for fire departments, roads, and schools. In this period in America, it was in vogue for wealthy people to give to their communities, rather than owning the biggest jets, mansions, or boats… the wealthy competed to see who could be the most humanitarian as well.

Two monkeys were in a lab, scientist gave them carrots for a few minutes, and then handed one a grape and continued giving the other a carrot. The monkey that got the carrot became very angry and threw the carrot back at the scientist to show his disgust at being mistreated.  As the scientist continued to give one monkey a grape and the other a carrot, the one that received carrots continued to be angry. Would this be any different for humans? When there is gross inequality of paycheck or wealth from one person to the other people become frustrated. One of the worst things that happened in our economy was Robin Leach’s “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” Other wealthy people realized that they were not the “wealthiest.” They were just getting carrots and the other “poor” people were just getting beans. So the mediocre wealthy people started squeezing the blood out of the workers in order to reach the level of the super-wealthy. Also, in 1969 thinking this would lower the salaries of CEOs the government forced corporations to publicly post the salaries of the CEOs. They hoped this would shame the CEOs into taking a smaller salary because of the public uproar over their ridiculous salaries.    This backfired as when the lower-paid CEOs realized others made more than them they insisted on a higher salary.

Alpha was the leader of the wolf pack that had five wolves: Thumb, Pointer, Middle, Ring, and Pinky. Alpha had it all, the bitches (...Middle, Ring, Pinky),  the respect  (he always kept a lookout for the hyenas), and strength (he could break an elephant's skull with his paws). Alpha was the leader of the hunt and the pack brought home twenty elk of nearly identical appearance. Alpha took fifteen elk for himself and gave the rest of the pack, each one for themselves.  The next season the pack had the exact same success.  Alpha decided that because of his proof of leadership, he'd take sixteen elk and leave four for the rest of the pack to divide among themselves.  Alpha was outcasted from his pack. Why would they do that to him?

In order to solve this problem, you have to make the difference in the salary between the lowest paid worker and the CEO no more than 15 times. Currently, in our economies, this is modeled poorly.  The difference between a salary of a broom pusher and the CEO in many companies is between 2000-5000 times.   In an ideal situation, if the CEO wants more money, he has to raise the wages of all the broom pushers.  If the CEO wants to make a million dollars a year, how much do the broom pushers need to be paid? Congratulations if you got the answer… the broom pusher gets paid $66k/year.

The countries that rate in the top ten in happiness have this in their legislation.  You can still have wealthy people that make more money, but you would have to be the owner of the company or inherit wealth from your parents.

There is no shortage in the world at this point. If all of the oil was brought to the surface of the world it would be one ocean 21 miles deep.  If you were to take all of the energy from the portion of the Zero Point Energy field that one Hydrogen atom occupies, you could create our own universe one billion times over. E=mc2 or m=E/c2, so in order to create matter it takes a huge amount of energy to produce a very small amount of matter.  There is so much energy in this minuscule amount of Zero Point Energy that converting this energy to the matter could create all of the matter in our entire universe, one billion times over.  All the stars, planets,, galaxies, black holes… one billion times over! We are surrounded by this energy field. Boundless unlimited energy is all around us.  

One cow’s methane (natural gas) can heat three homes, and we would reduce emissions of a greenhouse gas ten times as strong as CO2! Urea, using a very low voltage, will turn into Hydrogen that can power your car… it makes road trips much simpler… no pit stops!!! Rockets for everyone with 3D printers that can print themselves… the question that is important to ask is… what are we doing now that the robots do everything? Who is going to pay for all of the stuff?

What keeps humans from distributing resources is the human condition.  In the human condition, people are trying to be more powerful or better than others. There are three inescapable ways that we will be seeking higher status as humans as long as we are human.  The first part of the human condition is the devil or gossip state.  In the devil state, people put each other down to make themselves more powerful.  The second part is called the human or busy bee state.  Here a person works as hard as possible to achieve for themselves...fanciest car, clothing, stuff...  The third part of the human condition is the god state.  In the god state, a person helps another out by getting down to their level. Not to confuse empathy and sympathy with the god state.  Empathy gets its arms scratched and bitten by bugs to help another out of metaphoric trenches, where sympathy will ditch you for a metaphoric ballet or a football game.  All of human life is a combination of those three states. Which would you like to live more in?

In The Human Condition, there is always a concern if others are beneath us, on the same level as we are, or if they are superior to us. We use tokens or certificates to establish their position in society. If we want to become better than others, we can make sure that they have fewer tokens or certificates than we have. We can work hard to produce and acquire more tokens and certificates than others have… or we can make sure others around us have adequate tokens and certificates… and they will look up to us as Gods or Goddesses.

You do not need more Money, just more Imagination!

Money is not an object. It has very little or no intrinsic value.  When you cut a coupon out of a newspaper, it says "One Dollar Off (our product)" You will notice, it has a disclaimer that says the real value of this coupon is .02 cents. The token or dollar bill itself has no real value. An apple has real value... a house has real value, that is why it is called real estate... Having dollar bills with no one to trade them for products or services is a vain and worthless endeavor. The only things that have real value are other humans and interacting with other humans. The most valuable thing is the time people share with each other. Your child would rather have your time than your money. Why are we working so hard? Why are we so concerned about collecting and hoarding something that has no value within itself? You can compare it to the TV show "Hoarders" where people acquire possessions over many years that pile up in their homes and fill up every square inch of their house up to the ceiling! How do they solve their problems? They take all of the shit out of the house and throw it away.


Money is much like shit.  If you have a big pile of it, it will continue to smell really bad. It will rot if you keep it in one place, and you will have a big pile of shit, lots of flies, and maggots, and no one will want to be around you that you care for. If you spread it around as you would manure in a garden, then everything will grow!