This is a bridge
This bridge is very long



You own a time machine.

Have you lived a day that seemed to drag on forever? ...Have you had a day just fly by? ...Or have you ever been in an accident and it seemed that the world was moving by you in slow motion. These are all examples of your ability to affect time.

How do we go back in time? We use our memories. Can you forward it in time? This is intuition. Can you change what your future will be like? This is called Imagination. Can you change your past? This is called creating a new memory or what some people call a "false" memory. Therapists and police officers can install false memories in people by their manner of speech, and how they connect to the patient or person they are interviewing. You plant these false memories in people because this is where you want them to go.

The thalamus is the part of the brain that connects all of your sensations (touch, smell, vision, hearing, and body position) and acts like a switchboard to direct this information to a specific part of the brain. This is involved from the Lizard Brain to the superior Human Brain. Your thalamus also is connected to your future self. Every input our brain receives from other parts of the body (except for the sinuses) goes through the thalamus before it reaches the part of the brain that deals with this information. Everything coming in from the right side of the body is switched to the left side of the brain and vice versa. During brain surgery if you stimulate a section of the brain directly with a probe it takes one or two seconds before the person responds to the stimuli… we know this because, in brain surgery, the patients are awake. Then when you touch your toe with a needle, your response time could be 100x faster or more.  The only way this can happen is if the thalamus is sending out information to the leg before the event occurs. This can only happen if the thalamus is connected to its future self. Information is coming back to you in time from one to two seconds in the future. Each microsecond it goes into the future the possibilities are exponentially increased. Who is controlling your time machine? Are you stewing over past injuries, or are you in the present, solving problems, or are you looking to your glorious future?

Our brain works like a bus with 36 passengers and a driver. There is a barrier between the passengers in the back of the bus and the driver of the bus. In this barrier, there is a slot where a piece of paper can pass through with instructions telling the bus driver where to go. The bus driver cannot hear the people on the back of the bus. He does not really know that they are there. He just sees the instructions coming out of the slot.  The people on the bus are constantly arguing and fighting over who is going to get their way. The people on the left side of the bus are usually female and the ones on the right side of the bus are male. The people on the back rows of the bus are concerned and are always thinking about sex, food, and fear. Then there is a row of people involved with vision who are looking outside the bus to see where they are going. There is a group of people that listen to sounds from outside the bus to figure out what is happening outside. Then there is a group of people who feel the vibrations, the tilt of the bus, and how rough the road is. There is also a group of people that are operating a quadcopter with a camera and a microphone that is about a mile in front of the bus. They are telling everybody else where they are going to be in the future. There is a person who is writing a fantasy story about the life of the bus. It includes unicorns. Then there is a person with a laptop that is doing fact checking on the fantasy story. Finally, there is a group of people who are deep thinkers and try to make decisions that will work out best for all people on the bus when they arrive at their new location. Everyone is constantly arguing and fighting over who is going to get their way. When they come to a decision then this is written on a piece of paper that is pushed through the slot to the driver of the bus. The driver thinks he is making these decisions all on his own, but all of these choices are made by the passengers in the back of the bus.

Which person on the bus has the most say in where you want to go? Your imagination is dependent on the decisions made by the people on the bus. Is the Lizard Brain planting false memories so that you can put someone else down or rationalize your mistreatment of a certain race or ethnic group (Devil State)? Is your Human Brain creating false memories to explain the world that we live in? This is called confabulation.

Our brains do not have a specific place to put a memory. When we remember things we pull them from different places and reassemble them. As with the people on the bus, each one will contribute a section of a piece of this memory. When a person does not have all the information to explain something or an event we tend to confabulate. Confabulate comes from Latin and it is a past participle of confabulari, from com + faulari, to talk. From the fabula where we get fable. The word was first used to describe how people make up crap in 1604. We aaallllll do this to one extent or another.

One person was horribly beaten and raped while jogging on a trial.. she identified the attacker as the husband of her best friend. Even though he had an alibi of being in a restaurant with his wife and all the waiters and cashiers had vouched that he had been there, he was convicted on the Eyewitness Testimony of the person who was raped.  12 years later a DNA test was run on all prisoners, and a match was found. Of a totally different man who had also been in the area at the time. The police stopped the man for loitering in the park earlier that day. He had a prior conviction of rape. The police ignored him as a suspect because of the eyewitness testimony.  What had happened was that she had an argument with her friend's husband two hours before the beating. When you suffer severe trauma you can lose your memory. So her brain put the face of her friend's husband on top of the attacker. Her friend's husband was the last face she could remember. When the facts came out she was devastated that she had wrongly put an innocent man in jail for 12 years. The wife of the man who was put in prison divorced him as even she believed that somehow he had escaped the restaurant and committed the crime.

Our thoughts and beliefs can cause the people on the bus to make up a story to go along with our belief system... In our brains we have a fantasy creator and a Reality checker.  After the people on the bus argue about the correct viewpoint they will create a world that is not too harsh or too unrealistic. Our imagination can control our world. Be careful with your imagination it can create or destroy lives.  

Confabulation is making up stories to explain things that you do not fully know. Using confabulation, you will create something that never existed to make the story go smoother. When we confabulate, we are in the Human State of The Human Condition. In the God State, you can use your imagination to see what other people could be, not as they are. Confabulation can also be used in the God State to create a new and better person that can be helped out. We can see their possibilities and cover over their imperfections as one god said "Love covers a multitude of sins".

Can you see how you control time?

Now, what is "time"? Time is a measurement of matter moving through space. A pendulum swinging back and forth. A crystal vibrating in a watch. How fast a vehicle moves from one place to another? How long it takes for the earth to complete one revolution? How long it takes for the earth to circle the sun? Again time is matter moving through space. If there is no movement, then there is no time. If there is no mass, then there is no time. If there is no space for this mass to move through, there is no time. Time is just a value that man gives as a unit of measurement to these observations. Time is just a figment of your imagination. As Einstein showed in his Theory of Relativity, time will be different for two different people in two different situations. Everything is relative. Each person has a different imagination.

When you were young, it seemed to take forever to wait for things to happen. As you get older, time starts to seem to fly by. Again the only that has changed is our mental attitude.  In The Human Condition, children wish time to go faster so that they could be older and be in a superior position over others. Older people, wish time to go slower as this will keep death further away. Death becomes the ultimate insult. Time is merely a figment of our imagination. It can be controlled by our brains depending on if we are in the Devil State, the Human State, or the God State. You have the ability to change the speed and direction that it is going.

If you want more of it, what do you want to do with this time? Many think that success is sitting doing nothing… having no goals or pursuits in life. This is why some people that are kept away from chances of success will take the shortcut and just move on to chillin'. We do not like things that are easy.

We like things that are hard. John Kennedy, when stating the reason he wanted to go to the moon said, “because it is hard.”  We do not like things that are easy. We want things that are difficult. Things that require effort.

In a Twilight Zone show from the 50s, there was an episode about a gambler who died and was brought to heaven. God welcomed him to heaven which was a Las Vegas-style casino. He was shown a large room and was told that everything was free… on the house. Girls were waiting for him and he was told they would come to his room whenever he called..all free. He went down to the casino and every game he played he won.. And he Won big! After a week of this, he called god to his room. He said there had been a mistake made. He should have gone to the other place.  He could not live in a world where everything was easy. God then smiled at him and told him there had been no mistake. He was already in the other place.

When things are hard, the more effort we put in, the more we enjoy the results. So when you complain about the life that is hard,  enjoy the fruits of your accomplishments! To avoid this you will need to understand the human condition. When you succeed at one thing, just raise the bar.

We need to have goals and things to accomplish in life. If you put a group of kids in a room with some toys, they will play with the toys. They do not sit around and do nothing. Human beings like to have things to do. When the things they are doing are their passion they live longer and are happier. The reason people living in a ghetto do not do things is that if they fix up the broken buildings the wealthy owner will come in and kick them out. They have no hope of benefiting from their hard work. It is not that people that are poor are necessarily lazy, mostly they just have no hope. When we have no hope we just roll over and die. This is why when a person who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness will become sicker quite rapidly. They may have had the disease for 30 years and it progressed quite slowly as they were not aware of it(they still had hope). When we don’t give direction and purpose to a goal then we never will get anywhere or attain happiness in life. You need to spend time on things that interest you and that you have a passion for in life.

In the Devil State, we can have goals and interests of putting others down. This could require that we hoard more material possessions and take things from other people so that our possession bag is larger than everyone else's. We can spend our time watching news channels that broadcast information about other people's stupidity and weakness. This will keep us quite busy also.

In the Human State, we can have goals and interests of picking ourselves up. This could require that we receive a better education than others, work longer hours, using more wisdom in investments, and relationships. By doing all of this our possession bag will become larger than others. We can look at others and think "It's too bad that they couldn't be as good as me." Realizing that your possessions and certificates alone will let everyone know your superiority.

In the God State, we can have goals and interests of raising others up. We can mentor and help educate other people so that their lives will become better. By spending time with our families and showing love and care for them, we will receive their adoration. We do not need to acquire possessions to feel superior to others. We will help others to achieve more and have more confidence in themselves. We can understand that a job or a business is not our life. It is just a stage.

What kind of world do we want to live in? do we control our imagination? …how do we steer the bus? ...are there any limitations? is there enough energy? is there enough money? is there enough water? what is holding us back? how big can we go with our dreams?

I hear many people discuss that there is not enough energy in the world. From the laws of Physics, there is a term called zero point energy field. There are over 15 different fields that are known to science today. They do not totally understand all of these fields and how they function, but they do know when they interact together, that they create something that we know as matter and mass. An atom is basically empty space. If you were to take all of the potential energy in the space that one atom takes up, you could instantly convert this energy from the fields into the matter. You would create enough matter to fill up one-billion universes our size. As far as the state of art telescopes can see, scientists can extrapolate a billion times over. If you would like me to build one of these machines it will cost 10 trillion dollars to build one. One of these machines the size of a cell phone that could tap into the zero point energy field could provide all of the power for our planet and zoom in around the universe at a hundred thousand times the speed of light and regulate its weather conditions.

If you took all of the potential oil underneath the ground, and could instantly move it to the surface of the Earth, it would form an ocean of oil twenty-one miles deep. Oil is a renewable resource. It is a biofuel because it is the poop of bacteria that eat methane. It would be devastating if we were to burn all of this, as this would cause severe pollution and block the sunlight from hitting the planet.

If you took all of the sunlight that hit the Earth and turned it into electricity with the most modern of standards, you would be able to power 1000x more than we currently use. If you wanted to fund this project, it could easily be done for one trillion dollars more or less. This project could be done with the techniques that we have today. These techniques would increase species diversity, clean water availability, and more food.

There are two other ways of getting energy. There is urine and there is shit. Urine can be converted to Hydrogen quite easily which can power motors and fuel cells. The urine from one cow can provide enough electricity to heat the water for five homes. The methane from the shit from one house can provide all of the electricity that it needs and extra to send back to the power company.

We produce two thousand kilocalories of food a day per person on this planet. This is more than we actually need. This means that we could have 2000x more people on the planet and still have enough food at our current production rate. One reason that some people don't have enough food is that we throw over half of it away, and we eat five times more than we should. Another reason is greed and The Human Condition of wanting to put others down.

If you were to put all eight billion people on the planet into one city with the population density of Paris, France, they could build a city the size of Louisiana and Alabama. The rest of the earth would be empty. And please don't tell me that Paris is overcrowded as many dreams of living there.

the worlds population concentrated

So what are we lacking? Land? Food? Water? Energy? Love? Kindness? Respect? The first three we have plenty of. The last three we seem to have a shortage.

In the Devil state of The Human Condition, we will look for facts or information to reestablish in ourselves the principle of scarcity. Once the devil is assured that there is not enough to go around he will work tirelessly to keep resources away from as many people as possible. The Devil state will find reasons for putting people down (race, skin color, social standing, financial resources, or certificates of education). Any that do not possess the correct qualities will be barred from access to these abundant resources. Even though food is leaking out the cracks of the storehouse, the devil will be totally convinced that there is just not enough.  

In the Human State of The Human Condition, the person will understand they need to work hard to make sure the storehouse is full. They will work many years day and night and consume very little to see that their personal storehouse is full. When they realize that food is leaking out the doors they then work hard to build a brand new storehouse.

Jesus gave a parable of a man that had many storehouses that were full. The man told his slaves to tear them down and build larger ones. When they finished the tasks, the wealthy man took a deep sigh of relief, and said to himself "You can rest now, as I have plenty stored up for the future." God appeared to the man in a dream that night, and told him "Sorry, but you will die tonight, and have no use of all of the things that you stored up."

In the God State, you will realize the abundance of air, food, water, and energy that are on this planet. You also realize that it will take energy and effort on your part to redistribute these resources to those in need. You will be more than happy to do this as you will receive ten times as much love, kindness, and respect in return.  You will not unnecessarily waste things, and you will not cry over spilled milk or burnt cookies.

Imagine that robots are manufacturing everything that we eat, wear, or use for shelter. Currently, 50% of everything that we use today is made by robots. In just a few more years 100% of everything will be made by robots. Even the robots will be made by robots. For the past 25 years, there have been factories of robots that make parts for other robots. I even have robots that clean my floor at night, I lovingly call them cockroaches! And we have robots that clean up decomposing bodies and vegetation in the forest. They are called insects and fungi. When robots make everything that we need, what will humans do for work? How will they get money to buy these products? Either they will starve or everything will be free. If a factory is producing one car every five minutes, out the factory door, eventually every road in our country will be full of parked cars. Everything needs to be used by someone somehow or it will just rot.

Artificial intelligence will take over many jobs that we feel are purely intellectual. Legislation, law enforcement, Judicial, education, and other social services. They have artificial intelligence that is diagnosing disease, performing surgery, technical support, and management decisions. There is nothing that will be exclusive to human beings. There will be no need for humans to do anything unless they choose to. Today people use computers to go to war (Call of Duty), build cities (Sims), and for social interaction (Second Life).

Every year more and more people are connected to machines, cell phones, touch pads, and computer interfaces. They cannot do anything or go anywhere without these machines going with them. This is called a cyborg, part human, part machine. Amputees and people with nerve damage have mechanical body parts or computer chips implanted in their brains to make up for the damage done to them. These mechanical parts can be connected to nerve endings in their body or directly to their brain. These seemingly handicapped people can now function equal to or at a higher level than normal human beings. They are creating implantable nanobots that will increase your intelligence, strength, and endurance. Eventually, it will be hard to distinguish between human parts and machine parts. As the Borg from Star Trek frequently says to humans …" Resistance is futile."

So how do we gain control over our imagination? Does this just depend on a random roll of dice? Or can we steer where we want to go? Ray Kurzweil will focus on a situation or problem that he wants to solve 20 minutes before he goes to bed. He usually has a dream about the solution. He keeps a notepad by his bed so that when first wakes up he can write the information from the dream down. This exercise allows him to control and use his imagination.

Meditation can be used to direct or control what we want our imagination, to be about.


Imagine a time in your life when it seems like in your brain there are 36 different people inside your head arguing, screaming, and in complete disagreement. You can’t even see straight.  Simple things that were once easy become a mess of confusion.  Sounds are painful, and smells are either too strong or void of their aroma. People with such anxiety can create pain, tear their muscles, their bones, create sickness, and even create cancer and heart disease.

The part of the brain that leads to panic is called the Lizard Brain. The Lizard Brain is concerned with the three F’s: fear, food, and procreation.  Meditation is excellent to calm down the Lizard Brain and everyone else in a person’s busy mind.  Then decisions can be made in a more rational sense without letting the Lizard Brain dominate.  

There are three ingredients to meditation: posture, breathing, and observing.


Finding a comfortable position gets easier with practice. Some people find meditation through walking, relaxing on their back, listening to the birds… there is really no wrong way! The advantage of seated meditation is that with practice the least amount of pressure on breathing compared to other poses. A similar breath can be found while standing, but a person will run into different problems in holding a standing position. Laying on the back compresses the ribs to the ground, but with blankets, pillows, and sometimes even ropes and belts, incredible clarity of mind can be experienced with very little effort.    Hips, knees, ankles, and feet are usually quite tight if beds, couches, and chairs are all a person is accustomed to, but they will get more comfortable over time.

Meditation will usually be easier if you give yourself between four hours and three days to regroup.

Making life easier and more poised is the goal of meditation.  In order to do this through meditation, we have the chance just to experience something as it is… without fear, shame, or judgment.  That is not to say that we won’t say nasty things to ourselves, but through meditation, we will find ways of managing our thoughts.  Do your thoughts change with the rhythm of your breath?  When those nasty things come up how is the beat of your heart affected… how is your breath affected… are tensions in your body affected?


The breath is a tool for bringing clarity to your world. Breathing in you can take things into consideration that you want to bring into your life. Breathing out you can take things into consideration that you want to put out into the world.  Pay attention to your breath to find a breath that fits the attitude, sensitivity, strength, and flexibility that you want to have in your life.  Fortunately, you can use your breath to guide posture that is easy, poised, and calming.


Observing where we are is important in meditation.  We sometimes become ashamed and want to ignore certain ideas because they are “wrong”.  Although not all ideas are equal, each idea can provide valuable input which should be considered...  Sometimes accepted, sometimes rejected.  Usually, your significant other, or children just need to be heard and realized that you have at least listened to their wants and needs, and taken them into consideration when making choices.  When your child tells you that he wants to spend summer vacation in the space station, you can ask them pertinent questions about how they are going to prepare for the trip.  They can spend the next summer learning all of this important information, and realize that they need to broaden their education, and physical abilities in order to qualify for the trip.  They are not being rejected, their energy is being redirected. The same goes for thoughts in our minds. If you have a thought that “nobody loves you.” Rejecting this is taking the idea into consideration and considering whether everyone loves you or not.  Ignoring the idea that “Nobody loves you” is when nobody does love you, and you ignore this completely when you should be assessing why nobody loves you.

Zen or Disconnecting

It's OK to disconnect to meditate, but this should only be for a certain time period, whether ten minutes, one hour or four hours… you do not want to disconnect from life forever.  The reason you are disconnecting is to make your life more vibrant and in control.  It's just like when you are having an argument with your significant other. Sometimes it’s best to disconnect for a while, whether it is ten minutes or four hours. You can reconnect with them feeling fresh and devoid of the mundane worthless argument that got you there in the first place.  Life is your significant other. When you are fighting with life, you are fighting with yourself.  Meditation helps you to regroup, refresh, and reconnect to your main goals in life.  

Pachi Mama or Connecting

The other end of the spectrum of Zen is Pachi Mama. Here a person lives large as possible. Fastest cars, jets, and yachts. Most mansions, most epic parties, with the biggest corporation, largest families, most countries... Biggest islands, cleanest cities… The material world is what we swim in. How involved do you want to be in the material world, or how involved do you want to be involved in a spiritual world? How big do you want to live? Why?


Buddha was born a prince into a kingdom that in his time had one of the best education systems in the world. He was excellent in relations and everyone loved him. Enlightenment was a curiosity to him so he took the path as a monk. He fasted, meditated, and talked with the gurus... Though most of the gurus had wise insights, there was always something that was missing from buddha. Through his journeys, he discovered a life of poverty and a life of opulence. He was striving to find the correct path.  

While sitting under a bodhi tree in meditation he found his insight. His insight was to take the middle way. Walking in the center of the path rather than swerving to extremes was his message. He found that both extremes lead to suffering. Although all suffering cannot be stopped, much can be avoided by taking the middle way.

Super Powers

You can also use meditation to control body functions. Every thought and emotion creates chemicals that course through our bodies, and contain signals or information that tell each cell in our bodies how to respond. You can activate or suppress your immune system with your thoughts.  

Years ago, in one orphanage, they had many babies in one ward, well taken care of and well fed. It seems the first two or three babies always closest to the door always fared well. The further the crib was from the door, the greater the chance they caught a disease and died. This puzzled the caretakers of the orphanage until one night a caretaker decided to check on a baby. The cleaning lady had picked up the nearest baby to the door and was cuddling it, and talking to it.  She had done this every night, to the first few babies close to the door. There was no time for her to do this for the others. So just an act of love and attention was able to ward off disease.  You may not be able to control how others treat you but you can control how you treat yourself.   

Another form of meditation would be to imagine different forms and functions of your body going in and healing the disease and damage done to your body. To do this you can imagine yourself driving up to a large building that is quite familiar to you. You enter the building and direct the repairing of plumbing, windows, roofing, heating, the cooling. This building is you.  You can even go into the basement where boilers and pumps and sewage leaves the building.  You can also take classes on how different body parts function. You can imagine how all of these function and work together united.  

John Sarno is a back surgeon that does surgery on less than 2% of his patients. Regardless if they have broken, herniated, or ruptured. He does this with lectures and psychotherapy. Even without surgery, their back pain goes away.  He also works with other doctors that deal with cardiac and endocrine ailments that have seen the same results, no matter what part of the body it is. The more you can educate yourself on the functions of the organs and the cells, the more effective your meditation will be to aid your body to heal.  This is why many people can use meditation to slow their heart rate or lower their blood pressure.  


I noticed in LIFE, that whatever I focused on, is where I went.  When I drive my car, if I let my gaze go to one side of the road I unconsciously steer the car that way. And when you only look at the road just in front of you it is harder to drive smoothly. Only when you looked far ahead where you wanted to go, not where you are, can you drive smoothly and in control. By thinking and focusing on where I want to be next month or next year I find my life going more smoothly and where I want it to go. When I spent time thinking about all the bad things more of the negative showed up in my life. When I concentrated on good things more of those came in my life.

When people think mostly about bad events or even possible bad events in their life, all they are doing is bringing more bad things to them. This is the victim complex. I found that if I cut myself or smashed my hand at work, the best thing to do was keep on working. I soon forgot about the pain, and I ended up with more money in my pocket at the end of the day because I was able to continue working and get more done. I noticed others would spend time looking for a band-aid and time nursing the wound for the next several days. Others suffered more pain and have less money in their pocket. I guess that we all choose what things are the most important to us.

Now when large traumas happen to us (loss of a loved one, severe accident, etc.), we all need time to mourn the loss and come to grips with the event. But we can all choose how much time to spend in the morning, one week, one year, or the rest of our lives. The choice is yours. Are you a Victim or Victor? Are you still addicted to failure or misery? Maybe it's time to join a Mastermind group.

I also try to limit the number of movies or books that I read about murder, rape, or negative things because I do not want to focus on these things. It is not that I forget about such things just like I know that my fingers still are there when I hammer. I just don’t focus on them.

So when I want my business to expand and improve I focus on things that will help me build the network I need to succeed. I plan for success. I project success. I think that everyone in the world is plotting for me to succeed. If this is my focus then that is where I go.

In the business and the academic world, people are given titles and pieces of paper. This signifies that they are in charge and should be obeyed. They even have tenure and status and seniority. These pieces of paper and plaques do not make a leader. They make you a slave driver. People bow and worship you because you are carrying a flag or ensign that represents your status. This creates frightened followers who will agree with whatever you say because their jobs are in jeopardy.

This is what caused Michael Jackson to lose his life. Everyone around him was completely afraid of saying the wrong thing or not agreeing with him. This caused him countless frustrations that ended up in court cases that could have been avoided if everyone around him had just said "You are a complete idiot! This is not a smart thing to do!" Of course, he would have fired them and hired somebody to go along with his every whim. In the long run, this is what caused his death.

When we get followers by creating fear in people, we weaken and make our leadership less effective. Only by having people express their feelings and thoughts to us can we become true leaders. The more that we know about people and their personal lives, the better we can understand how to guide them to become a more productive team. If we don't know people we don't know management. If we don't know people, we don't know the business.  If we don't know people, we don't know government.

A leader sets the example and protects everyone else from the slings and arrows of misfortune. When everyone recognizes this in a person they will gladly follow him into the depths of hell (as long as they get a raise or a corner office).

In the Devil State, a slavedriver will humiliate, belittle, berate, and chastise those in his charge. Even when they are doing a good job, he will go out of his way to make sure that they know that they can be replaced at any time. His position or piece of paper is what everyone else will salute or worship. Of course if a new flag shows up with more beef jerky and a bigger piece of pie, they will abandon him in a second. They will also sabotage because they are afraid of confronting him directly. The only way that they will confront him is passive-aggressive. This will slow the project and make it more expensive. His being in the Devil State will force others to be in the Devil State also, as they will feel this is their only solution. Many managers today are taught that they must attack, humiliate, and slyly become their friend. Of course this puts them in a state of confusion which causes their body to go into a constant flight or fight mode. This creates heart disease, cancer, and broken homes.

In the Human State, a manager will educate himself on the strength and weaknesses of his team. He will then offer education and training to make the team members better qualified. He will remind them of the need to follow his lead because of the piece of paper that he has received. He may let them know that they will need to get their own piece of paper to justify their existence. Mostly he will concentrate on his own knowledge and management skills he learns through secondary education. He understands there are seven habits that good managers have. The Human State in management is limited, it will limit the amount of damage, but also it will limit the amount of good he can do.  

In the God State, a leader will inspire others. A leader will set the example of what is expected. A leader will allow small mistakes that cause little damage to slip by without chastising. These small mistakes can be dealt with at a later time, and are usually mentioned to the group as a general improvement that needs to be made. A leader will go out of his way to find specialized training that fits each member of the group. A leader will constantly be constantly educating himself on what is the latest and greatest, and what is working and what is not working. A leader understands that there is more to life than the workplace. Each individual in his care may have needs at home that need to be addressed. Not everyone wants more money, some would prefer more time off for their families, others would like extended higher education, others would like childcare, and some just need a hug and a kiss. Not everyone pulling the sled needs 100% the same thing. A leader is sensitive to each member on the team and their needs on and off of the job. A leader does not need a piece of paper on a wall to establish his authority.

When we understand how simple these principles are it is much easier to implement the solution that we desire. You will find it is easy as one, two, or three. You always have three choices that you can let your imagination run on. The principle of scarcity, the principle of plenty, and the principle of your godhood (ability to create and to help others). We can be in all three states at once. We do have the ability to control what percent of ourselves we will put into each state. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve. Use your imagination wisely. Imagine people living in peace and harmony. Imagine well.


dream often